What is Benzyl Salicylate and is It Safe For My Skin?

What is Benzyl Salicylate and is It Safe For My Skin?

Dr. Hauschka produces only 100% natural and organic face, body, and hair care products. However, customers are sometimes taken aback when they see chemical terms listed in our ingredient list. We completely understand the concerns and questions that may be raised by our customers, which is why we would like to take the time to explain what these ingredients are and whether they are safe to use on our skin.

In this article, we will be giving you a quick rundown on what Benzyl Salicylate is and why it is found in some of Dr. Hauschka’s products.

Benzyl Salicylate is a synthetic chemical compound made up of Benzyl Alcohol and Salicylic Acid. It is often used in many cosmetic products as a Fragrance due to its light floral scent. Since it is used as a Fragrance, it can be irritating on the skin (even in small concentrations), especially for individuals who have sensitive skin types.

During pregnancy, many women are more cautious with the products they use and take time to do their research on various ingredients. Benzyl Salicylate has been identified as an ingredient to avoid during pregnancy due to the possible exposure to toxicity. Hence, we usually get questions on whether it is safe to use Dr. Hauschka’s products as Benzyl Salicylate can be found in some of the ingredient lists.

The short answer is Yes! Dr. Hauschka’s products are safe to use during pregnancy as every ingredient used is only extracted from natural sources. Dr. Hauschka uses essential oils in many of their products and Benzyl Salicylate is a naturally-occurring component of certain oils such as Ylang-Ylang oil. Due to the EU Cosmetics Regulation, Dr. Hauschka is required to list essential oils as ‘Parfum’ and 26 other fragrance compounds separately - this includes the naturally-occurring Benzyl Salicylate. An asterisk is used to denote that these ingredients originate from natural sources.

All Dr. Hauschka products are tested for safety and skin tolerability prior to being launched in the market. The ingredients selected are authorized for cosmetic products in the concentrations used and are classified as being safe for use in skin care products. This also considers a possible usage during pregnancy and lactation. The intended use of Dr. Hauschka products during pregnancy and lactation are safe, as long as there is no allergy to any of the listed ingredients.

In Dr. Hauschka products (such as the Revitalising Day Lotion), Benzyl Salicylate is present in a very low concentration as part of the natural essential oils used. It is never added as an isolated substance. Due to its low skin penetration potential, the possible systemic exposure towards the fragrance component is minimal, making the products safe to use on most skin types and even during pregnancy.

Examples of Dr. Hauschka Products Which Contain Benzyl Salicylate

- Revitalising Day Lotion

- Clarifying Day Oil

Face Sun Cream SPF 10

Tinted Face Sun Cream SPF 30

- Regenerating Day Cream

- Regenerating Eye Cream

- Soothing Mask

- Lip Balm

- Rose Nurturing Body Cream

- Lavender Sandalwood Calming Body Cream

- Hydrating Foot Cream

- Loose Powder 00 Translucent

- Compact Powder 01 Macadamia

- Foundation 01

- Concealer 01

- Hayflower Cardamom Cleansing Lotion

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