Our Award Winning Products

Our Award Winning Products

Straight from our healing medical garden in Germany, we present our 100% Natural and Organic award winning products that have been recognised by multiple reputable beauty organisations out there.


Recognised for its ability to deliver every time, our Cleansing Cream was award the 2019 Cleo Award as the best cleanser anyone can ever buy. Dr. Hauschka’s Cleansing Cream cleanses and gently exfoliates, regulating and balancing, refining and revitalizing your complexion. It reduces your blackheads and binds sebum, leaving you with soft and smooth skin.

Also awarded the Cleo Award in 2020, our Clarifying Toner was awarded the Best Micellar Water for Acne-prone skin. It refreshed, gently guides and balances the skin’s natural renewal  process for a radiant, rosy complexion. Our Clarifying Toner gives bursts of refreshing, strengthening and reregulating sprits to feel fresh and ready for a brand new day.


The highlight of our Oil-Free Night Care range, Night Serum. Known to be the serum that will give you better skin ASAP, our Night Serum was awarded the Beauty Insider’s Beauty & Wellness Awards 2018 for being the Best Organic/Natural Product. Fuelled with apple  blossom extract, our Night Serum can guide your skin to optimum renewal while you sleep soundly.

Also awarded the Beauty Insider’s Beauty & Wellness Awards 2018 for being the Best Organic/Natural Product, our coverstick heals and evenly covers blemishes on your skin. Our Coverstick is Beauty Insider’s gem as it was awarded two beauty awards in the same year – for skincare and makeup.

Nominated by Beauty Insider’s readers, our Hydrating Cream Mask is highly raved by many! Awarded the Best Face mask Award during Beauty Insider’s Beauty & Wellness Awards 2018, this mask works wonders as it intensively hydrates the skin all day long. Your skin will be noticeably enriched!


Introducing the Best Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, Soothing Cleansing Milk. This gentle cleanser was awarded the Beauty Insider Reader’s Choice Award in 2019. It helps to replenish oils and is suitable as a make-up remover, even as a shaving cream for men. This cleansing milk is known to preserve the skin’s natural hydro-lipid barrier and gently removes dead skin cells, sebum and dirt particles. 

Another 2019 Beauty Insider award winner has to be our Rose Nurturing Body Oil. It was awarded the Best Organic / Natural Product. Rich in rose oils, this body moisturizer is the best treat for pampering yourself. It helps to combat exhaustion and nourishes your skin. It is even suitable for baby massages!


The classic in Dr Hauschka’s day care range was awarded the Daily Vanity Expert’s Choice award in 2021. This light weight and nourishing moisturizer is best for Singapore’s humid and hot weather. The blend of rose water, rose wax and marshmallow helps to keep your skin hydrated and promotes a balanced complexion.


Dr. Hauschka’s Eye Makeup Remover topped the charts as the Best Cleansing Oil during the Daily Vanity 2020 Awards. Known to gently and reliably cleanse the delicate skin around the eyes, it even removes stubborn waterproof makeup. While it cleans well, the oil is fast absorbent, leaving the skin soft and silky smooth.

Coming in a range of beautiful colours, our lipsticks are 100% organic and natural till you can even eat it! This led our lipsticks to be recognised as the Best Satin Lipstick during the Daily Vanity 2020 Awards. Not only does our lipstick make your lips pop, the lipstick is filled with moisturising minerals pigments and botanical ingredients that prevent your lips from cracking and drying out.


Lastly, we present to you Dr Hauschka’s foundation for even coverage. Not only is it easy to spread out and adapts optimally to your natural skin tone, Women’s Weekly awarded this foundation as one of the Best Buys in 2020. This foundation also supports skin function with mineral pigments, medicinal plant oil extracts, plant oils and waxes and natural essential oils.







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