Is Dr Hauschka a Good Brand?

Is Dr Hauschka a Good Brand?

Our brand is much more than a chic logo – it denotes our cosmos. Our specially selected medicinal plants are certified organic by NATRUE- an independent International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association whose mission is to protect and promote natural and organic cosmetics to the benefit of consumers worldwide and audits are done annually.

We are obsessed with quality and have been manufacturing on the same Swabian site for over 50 years, using methods that are still largely manual. In a company that is a Foundation and has no need to think about shareholders. It needs only to respect itself, civil society and the natural environment.

Natural and Organic Ingredients

Synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives? Not something we use. Silicones, PEGs and mineral oils? Not in our products. Instead, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are made of 100% raw ingredients packed full of nature. We also believe that authentic natural cosmetics should be completely free from substances obtained from genetically modified organisms.

Fair Trading and Enabling Communities

Thanks to our loyal customers, we don’t need expensive ad campaigns. And as an independent Foundation-owned company, we don’t have to pay dividends. Instead, we are free to invest in global raw materials partnerships, providing interest-free loans and enabling local farmers to pay fair wages.

For our make up where we use mica, our German supplier, with which we have a long-standing commercial relationship, does a great deal to prevent child labour in India as the country of origin. For example, it has helped to build local schools and improve medical care. It’s work is regularly checked by independent institutions. It also works with non-governmental organizations or NGOs to improve people’s living conditions in the mining region. No doubt that we could purchase mica for a lower cost on the global market. However, it is important to us that this raw material is obtained under the right conditions. We gladly pay a higher price to ensure this.

Responsible Action is in Our Nature

We harvest most of our raw ingredients by hand – either in our herb garden, on the fields of our farm at the foot of the Swabian Jura, or through our partners all around the world.Where possible all our products are in easy recyclable material. It is not only our past that leaves us with an obligation to protect the environment, but also our future.

Different Since 1967

Our company founder Dr. Rudolf Hauschka liked to do things differently. For example, he was dissatisfied with the fact that plant extracts often contained alcohol as a preservative. Therefore, he developed a procedure that used the rhythms of nature instead.

Even today, this rhythmic extract procedure remains part of our complex manufacturing process. During this, we subject natural substances to the alternating influence of heat and cold, darkness and light and rest and movement. As a result, our products remain stable and have a good shelf life even without synthetic preservatives.

Age-old Knowledge with State-of-the-Art Technology

We have a long tradition of innovation, which began with the development of our unique rhythmic manufacturing process by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka. Today, we complement age-old knowledge with state-of-the-art technology. Our laboratories continue to conduct intensive basic research into active botanical ingredients, which we then use to develop new, effective formulations.

Cruelty Free

We neither conduct nor instruct others to conduct animal testing on any of the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products. We work exclusively with volunteer test subjects. We have a wealth of understanding about our raw materials and can say from experience that the products are very well tolerated. We can therefore involve the test subjects with a clear conscience.

Mostly Vegan

The ingredients in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care are mainly of plant origin. Glycerin, stearates or other fatty ingredients that are typically animal derived, we also obtain only from plant sources. Some Dr. Hauschka products contain ingredients which originate from the animal kingdom, like:

  • beeswax, propolis wax, honey
  • milk sugar
  • silk powder
  • lanolin
  • carmine

Our skin care products are not always vegan because we intentionally use ingredients from all kingdoms of nature for their benefits to the skin. For example, beeswax is a valuable substance for natural skin care. A gift from nature, which we use with the utmost care. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are solely made from organic beeswax sourced from ecological beekeeping practices in Germany. The producers are subject to the strict regulations established by Demeter or Bioland, associations for biodynamic and organic farming, respectively.

Depending on the skin’s needs, we decide whether or not to use animal-derived raw materials for each individual product. In doing this, we are aware that whenever we take something from nature, we are responsible for the environment and the quality of the substance we have taken away. 

Natural, Different, Effective

When you buy products from Dr Hauschka, you can have peace of mind that the products are truly natural and organic as NATRUE has very stringent tests. 

We think differently at Dr Hauschka - we could preserve plant extracts without alcohol and some with wheat based alcohol. Our night time facial care is oil free as it allows your skin to breathe. Think that men need their own skin care range? We focus on the skin condition rather than gender and do not resort to market them separately. “We naturally felt like rebels when we developed these unconventional cosmetics”, commented Elisabeth Sigmund, speaking about the early days of Dr. Hauschka in 1967. And we can honestly say that we are still not ‘ordinary’ today.

Skin care products from Dr. Hauschka rely on the revitalising powers of nature. With their specific properties, each individual plant makes our cosmetic formulations even more effective. And they also are made with all the expertise and accuracy of a pharmaceutical manufacturer that you could trust. 

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