The Power Of the Night

Follow the Rhythm of the Skin

The skin has different tasks during the day and during the night. During the day, our skin requires daytime skin care that protects it from outside environmental factors such as dust, heat, cold, rain, wind, stress and suits its individual needs. To counter this, nourishing and protective care is helpful during the day, reinforcing the skin’s protective barrier function.

At night, while you sleep, it requires something different – a kind of process facilitation rather than even more nourishment and protection from oil based night creams. For this reason, our oil free night care collection stimulates the skin’s natural processes. This allows it to renew its cells and eliminate metabolic wastes through its pores. The next morning it shines with full vitality and glowing radiance. The unique no oil-based night cream, go oil-free skin care concept of Dr.Hauschka supports this rhythm.

This oil-free guiding principle was developed by Elisabeth Sigmund the co-founder of Dr Hauschka and she commented that, “We naturally felt like rebels when we developed these unconventional cosmetics”, speaking about the early days of Dr. Hauschka in 1967. 100% Natural cosmetics are not a passing trend for Dr. Hauschka; they are a firm tradition that has existed for decades.

Our Night Care range supports your skin’s rhythms.

Our Night Care Collection supports your skin’s rhythms

3 Basic Steps for Night Care

3 Basic Steps for Night Care

Step 1 Cleanse

Depending on the condition of your skin, choose our Cleansing Cream or Soothing Cleansing Milk

Step 2 Tone

Toning products in the range are the Facial Toner and Clarifying Toner

Step 3 Vitalise

Your skin will love the Night Serum or Regenerating Serum.

And that’s your basic night care taken care of!!!

Oil Free Night Care Lets the Skin Breathe

Dr. Hauschka Night Care has a special approach: it recognises and supports the rhythmic alternation between day and night. There are different rules for night and day so your skin needs different patterns and stimulation.

During the night, the skin appreciates non-oily skin care that allows it to breathe freely and regenerate, while also providing stimuli to boost and support its natural processes of renewal. It uses the night above all to completely renew itself. Because oily creams would slow down these natural processes, Dr. Hauschka Night Care is entirely water-based. It is oil-free, but highly stimulating.

The reason why water-based, fluid products are used is because we want formulations that incorporate the aspect of water as a living element, yet still present themselves to the user in a familiar consistency. The result is a serum which is neither solid nor liquid. By the way, we also find this state within the body – in the blood or the lymph, for example.

That’s why you won’t find any rich face creams in Dr. Hauschka Night Care range. Instead, after cleansing and toning, we recommend a serum, as well as a treatment several times a year. You will see how well your skin recovers overnight with these products.

Pamper Your Skin with Fuss Free 2 steps Treatment!!

If the skin requires additional stimuli, or needs to regain its natural balance, it’s time for a treatment. A treatment replaces step two (toning) and step 3 (revitalising). Therefore, this treatment requires only two steps: cleansing and treatment. Our conditioners and intensive treatments are used over a 28-day period.

They support the skin’s entire regeneration process, that is, the period during which the cells completely renew themselves. We recommend one treatment for every decade of life, per year. A thirty year-old would do three treatments in a year, while a forty year-old would do four treatments.

Renewing Night Conditioner can be used several times a year. This consists of 28 ampoules which accompany your skin through a complete 28-day regeneration cycle. Medicinal plants like rose, marshmallow and anthyllis are combined in each ampoule, accompanied by silver and Madonna lily. These are rhythmitised stimulants which restore the natural balance of your skin and help it to look visibly refreshed and radiant.

Tips for starting our night care regime

Is oil-free night care suitable for people of all ages and with all skin conditions?

Yes. Everyone’s skin uses the night to process the influences from the day and to regenerate. Mature and very dry skin, in particular, requires vitality and new stimuli to encourage its natural activities.

How can people successfully switch to oil-free Dr. Hauschka night care?

The switch starts with your attitude, with saying goodbye to ‘more is better’. It is also the discovery that the skin automatically experiences more attention and respect when using oil-free night care products and finds its way back to its natural rhythm more easily.

This approach may initially seem unusual. To support the transition and optimally attune the skin to the Dr. Hauschka night care concept, we recommend that you start by using Renewing Night Conditioner or Sensitive Care Conditioner for a 28-day treatment period. After this time, your skin will have completely renewed itself and be optimally prepared for the Dr. Hauschka skin care concept.

For customers who do not want to use a treatment, Night Serum offers the perfect introduction to oil-free night care. After cleansing and toning in the evening, the Night Serum signals to the skin that night time is beginning. This clarity is often lacking due the lack of rhythm in our modern lives – and our nightly skin regeneration often suffers as a result.

The different qualities of day and night can be emphasised by applying a Cream Mask in the early evening. This marks the end of the working day for your skin and gives it a final dose of nourishment and protection. When you remove the mask, your skin can leave the daytime behind and start to regenerate.

Some reviews after switching to oil free night care….

Faith after using Night Serum

Was given a starter set as a gift and it covers my basic skin care routine. When I discovered how great they smell and how good it makes my skin feel, I had to go and buy the night cream but when I searched online, I discovered that there is no night cream. A call later, I learnt that Dr Hauschka does not believe in night creams - Creams are formulations you put in the day to protect your skin from the outside elements but at night when the skin is awake it works best to have a water serum and of course they simply call it Night Serum lol..... and let the skin do its own work so that your skin is conditioned to look after themselves instead of being lazy and rely on facial products. Wow !!! I thought this company sells 1 less product to customers and would not compromise on their beliefs. I am not only falling in love with the product but the Company as well.
Bella Ash after using Renewing Night Conditioner & Clarifying Intensive Treatment (25+ years) 40ml

Heals my congested skin within a month, been using this for years since I was studying in New Zealand. My skin has the tendency to breakout and became congested very bad during the time of the month & before i found out about this product my skin was very bad, had alot of deep and dark scars. Thank god for this treatment and the night conditioner that helps to balance up my skin. Thank you Dr. Hauschka!
Meagan after using Sensitive Care Conditioner

Oil free night treatment really works. At first I was pretty skeptical as we have always been conditioned to pile it on at night. My face did feel dry and I was advised to use the mask that I had - revitalising mask and soothing mask every evening. In just 3 nights, my skin adjusted and began to work on its own renewal process. Now I find that my skin has less dependence on exfoliators and masks.

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