Why You Should Buy Your Organic Skincare From An Authorised Distributor

We all want the best for ourselves, especially our skin! That’s why we search high and low for the best skincare brands and organic skincare products — to get that coveted inner glow.

However, while it is easy to think about investing in good organic skincare for ourselves, reality often hits differently. When it comes to parting with our hard-earned money, it is natural for us to want the most bang for our buck. In our search for a good deal, we might consider buying from non-authorised sellers who often tout lower prices.

Before you start adding to cart, we’re here to tell you why you should stop and reconsider before purchasing from non-authorised sellers; and why buying organic skincare products from an authorised seller in Singapore is a better investment for your money.

Sourcing From Questionable Sources

Non-authorised dealers do not have official rights to sell a brand’s products. At worst, they are counterfeits. At best, they are “genuine” products that have been discarded from the factory for not meeting quality standards.

Buying your organic skincare products from non-authorised sellers can be risky. You never know if what you’re buying has the seal of approval from the manufacturer.

For instance, all of Dr Hauschka’s organic products meet International quality Certification NATRUE. Buying from their authorised distributors will be the best option. PamperInc, the sole distributor for Dr Hauschka, ensures peace of mind and products you know have passed Dr Hauschka’s internal quality assurance and meets NATRUE standards. 

Authorised Sellers in Singapore Can Provide You with Better Support

One of the reasons why non-authorised sellers can provide a cheaper product is by doing away with the need to provide services or support together with the product.

When you buy from an authorised seller, you get the perks, benefits and support only an authorised dealer can provide. PamperInc provides Personal Consultation if you’re new to Dr Hauschka products, to ensure you select the right products suitable for your skin. This way, you can be rest assured that the right product will be recommended to address your specific skin concerns. As the sole authorised distributor, they’re also able to tell you which spas carry authentic Dr Hauschka products, so you can stick to your organic skincare regime while getting pampered. 

On the other hand, non-authorised dealers are more concerned with selling you the product, rather than ensuring you have a positive experience with the brand. Buying from an authorised dealer means you are getting the best quality products from a reliable and knowledgeable source.

Buying From an Authorised Source Directly Benefits the Brand You Love

If you’re an ardent brand loyalist, then buying from an authorised source is the only way you can ensure your money goes into supporting the company you love, and not lining someone else’s pockets.

Authorised dealers enter a contractual relationship to obtain the rights to sell or distribute the brand. When you buy from an authorised dealer, you’re providing demand for the product and ensuring that the brand continues sending regular shipments to the dealer.

Not only will this create revenue for the brand you’re supporting, as a consumer, but you’ll also benefit from access to authentic products, consistent prices and supply chain transparency. 

Authorised Sellers Offer Faster Delivery and a Space to Trial Products

Non-authorised sellers on the grey market typically do not have inventory on hand, and can ship products haphazardly from overseas to you when you buy them. Authorised sellers on the other hand, typically have a local warehouse and must receive, store and send products according to experience standards set by the brand. Buying from an authorised seller means you’ll get what you ordered much more quickly, and probably in better shape too.

When it comes to skincare, many of us are visual as well as physical buyers. We want to handle the product in our hands, to check out its viscosity, texture and how it glides across our skin before we commit. Authorised sellers like PamperInc are much more concerned about your buying experience; which is why they have dedicated boutique stores at The Star Vista and Parkway Parade, as well as counter stores at Takashimaya and Metro, making it extremely convenient for you to visit and get a feel for Dr Hauschka products before you buy.

Authorised Sellers Provide Community Events and Promotions

One of the best reasons to buy from an authorised seller is the amount of community support and engagement they’re able to provide. Authorised sellers are by extension, a chosen representative of the brand which gives them leeway in how they decide to market and sell the brand’s products.

In the case of Dr Hauschka, PamperInc regularly hosts DIY facial workshops with different themes such as maintaining your youthful looks or creating your own facials for destressing. They regularly run monthly promotions and exclusive deals so new and old customers alike can save when stocking up on authentic Dr Hauschka products!

Buying From Authorised Sellers is Less Risky

When deciding between an authorised or non-authorised seller for skincare products, weigh the potential price-savings with the risks of applying a counterfeit or defective product on your face.

For many people, it is worth paying a small premium for peace of mind and to ensure you’re using high-quality, authentic products as the brand intended. If you have special conditions like eczema, sensitive skin or are pregnant, then it is worth finding an authorised seller to buy products specially formulated to be safe for you, rather than risk any complications that may arise from applying the wrong product.

For the best natural and organic skincare products in Singapore, look no further than Dr Hauschka. Created with responsibly sourced, high-quality natural ingredients, all of Dr Hauschka products are produced with no synthetics and no animal testing — with formulations that are independently tested and certified by NATRUE (an international certification body for organic products). The skin is the largest organ of our body and whatever we put on our skin gets absorbed into the skin and ends up in our body so it is important to know what are the ingredients that go into our skin care products.

Dr Hauschka’s Philosophy, Belief and Selection of Distributors

Dr Hauschka philosophy and his passion has given us a range of miraculous skincare products that we can use with total peace of mind. Wala, the foundation formed by Dr Hauschka still maintains the very beliefs he has expressed from day one for more than five decades.

Wala takes extreme care to select their distributors. It is a lengthy and rigorous process to ensure the distributors possess the same belief and passion as Dr Hauschka. Most importantly the care that must be given to the customers.

To an organisation like Wala, being socially responsible and avoiding harm to customers ranks higher than profits. PamperInc believes in having profits with a conscience and that resonates with Wala. PamperInc thrives on bringing in products and services that help customers regenerate and renew their bodies from work life stresses.

The Double-edged Sword of the Internet

The wonders of the internet and online shopping have brought unmatched convenience to consumers, providing access to thousands of choices and goods both good and bad. Unfortunately, low-entry barriers and prices end up becoming the sole focus for many platforms — perceived as a win-win for both merchants and customers.

In this scenario, value creation for the customer takes a back seat. Previously upheld values such as the best products, services and customer education have become non-existent.

Source and Care of Products

Unauthorised distributors lack customer care and leverage on the marketing and educational effort of authorized distributors, even going as far as to use the marketing artworks belonging to the authorized distributor. Even if their product is genuine, the handling process goes through many hands before it is shipped to Singapore and how it is stored before delivery can be questionable. The warehouse of these merchants in Singapore is unseen to the customers. Are the products kept in proper storage before it is delivered to the customer? Are products damaged during delivery? Do they have a return policy without question? Do they replace products that are not suitable to customers? Do they have after sales service?

PamperInc Care for Customers – Sole Distributor in Singapore

At PamperInc - Dr Hauschka Singapore, we pride ourselves on being a responsible distributor and passing the stringent test set about by WALA. Rather than using sea freight which is slower and uses containers that can lead to hot conditions which potentially damages the product — All Dr Hauschka products brought in by PamperInc are flown in direct from the factory under ideal cool temperatures to preserve and maintain their freshness, crucial for the efficacy of natural skincare ingredients.

Our pricing is fair and we educate customers on the proper use and steps involved in Dr Hauschka products. We work relentlessly to provide educational material through literature in our websites, workshops, life stream and social media, with no extra charges to our customers. For peace of mind and access to authentic Dr Hauschka Skincare, shop today directly from drhauschka.sg the sole distributor of Dr Hauschka Singapore.


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