Rudolf Steiner-Rhythm Carries Life

Rudolf Steiner-Rhythm Carries Life

Dr. Rudolf Steiner- "Study rhythms – rhythm carries life."

“Study the rhythms; rhythm carries life“. This is the advice that Rudolf Steiner once gave to Dr. Rudolf Hauschka as a young man. In 1929, Hauschka succeeded in preparing the first water based medicinal plant extract with a long lasting stability without the addition of alcohol or other preservatives, while at the same time retaining the healing powers of the plant.This was a great breakthrough and a particular advantage for natural medicines to treat children, as these should not be tainted with alcohol.

Essence production

Essence production

Rhythm in Our Products

For over 80 years, we still use this rhythmic process of natural polarities for our beautiful natural cosmetics: the rhythmic alternation of light and dark, warmth and cold, movement and rest. We rhythmically stir our oil extracts and medicinal plant essences, rhythmically expose them to changing temperatures and regularly allow them to alternate between rest and movement. The work we do in our medicinal herb garden is also influenced by rhythms: the changing seasons determine everything we do - and don't do.

This unique method preserves the high vitality of our precious ingredients and helps to ensure their benefits reach your skin in their most potent state possible.

Nature is Alive and So is your Skin-following your skin’s natural rhythm

Rhythmic activity is not an end in itself . Like all living creatures, human, plant and animal, your body recognises and experiences different rhythms

When your skin’s natural rhythms are supported by the right products and methods, a beautiful, healthy complexion can follow:

  • Dr. Hauschka Signature Cleansing combines Cleansing Cream with a rhythmic ‘press and roll’ movement to signal and activate your skin’s natural cleansing processes.
  • Your skin naturally renews itself every 28 days. Our Conditioners, Intensive Treatments and Regenerating products are formulated to work with these rhythms to guide skin to a balanced, glowing, radiant state.
  • Your skin’s natural rhythms vary from day to night. By day, our moisturisers nourish and protect your skin when it is at its least active. At night when your skin is most active, Dr. Hauschka Toners, Conditioners and Serums harness the skin’s inherent regenerative powers so they work to greater effect and results.
  • Certified Dr. Hauschka Estheticians perform our Classic Facial Treatments using carefully orchestrated stroking of the skin to stimulate the skin’s lymphatic system from head to toe, leaving you with a sense of harmonious vitality.
  • By harnessing the powers of rhythm, Dr. Hauschka natural skin care products are better able to deliver their properties directly to your skin so it best benefits from their ingredients —and you can see and feel the results they provide.

Rhythm provides connection

In addition to the above, we also regard rhythm as a means of establishing contact. Not only with our own bodies but also with the world around us. And we do this at regular intervals. We get in contact with creative minds and inspired free spirits and ask them for their views on our brand. And on all the topics that affect and drive us with their very own rhythm. Artistically. Contagiously. And always differently. One moving result is this very rhythmic interpretation of the Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics, a film devised by the agency ‘Heimat’: the creative minds use dance to present a brand that is in complete harmony with the rhythm of nature.