Our special MED line provides medical topical care products developed by doctors and research institutes using ingredients derived from nature. Dr Hauschka’s MED line is tailored to individual needs of the skin. It supports the skin through every phase for a noticeably better quality of life from the very first application.

If you are looking for an eczema cream in Singapore, our Ice Plant collection is perfect to hydrate and soothe your dry and inflamed skin, preventing itching and rashes. All of our products are for all skin types and ages, it is also suitable for children. We highly recommend it to anyone who are prone to eczema or dry skin and is looking for an eczema cream in Singapore to calm redness and scratching. We recommend moisturising every day, ideally 2 to 3 times a day. With an active routine of moisturizing, your eczema skin condition would improve and give you a happier quality life.