The use of chemicals on the face can cause your skin to appear dry, rough, flaky or be prone to redness and irritation. If you find your face feeling tight and squeaky clean after a wash, then you’re using the wrong cleanser. Harsh cleanser leaves your face feeling dry and tight, causing the skin to be excessively oily over time as it releases natural oils from within to nourish the out layers of the skin. The first step to eliminating this is to use a chemical free cleanser that is gentle and able to provide your skin with the nourishment that it needs. All our cleansers at Dr. Hauschka are made with care, to bring the skin back to balance without stripping the skin from its natural moisture.

Our Cleansing Cream is formulated with finely-milled certified organic sweet almond, calendula, witch hazel, St. John’s wort, and kidney vetch to help cleanse the skin and regulate the skin back to balance. Since 1967, the signature Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream has not changed its formulation and till today, proves to be an effective face wash for dry skin, that deeply cleanses yet provides a moisturised effect as it contains moisture lipids that nourish each and every layer of the skin. This award-winning cleanser is well loved by many of our loyal customers and staff, we’re confident you’d come to like this unique product as well.

Dr. Hauschka’s Soothing Cleansing Milk and Cleansing Balm are facial cleansers that are moisturising and great for all skin conditions as well, especially suitable as a face wash for sensitive skin. These face wash can also be used as a makeup remover prior to cleansing. Use any of these cleansers to remove your makeup, then double it up as a cleanser after, or use the cleansing cream to get any residue dirt and makeup off completely.

Your skincare routine should not just stop here. Follow up with a toner to help lock in moisture and reduce the appearance of pores. Our Facial Toner is formulated with Anthyllis and Witch Hazel which helps to stimulate the metabolic activity of the skin, and leaves your skin revitalised after cleansing.

Next, complete your skincare regime with a moisturiser. Dr. Hauschka has a moisturiser for every skin and condition. One of our best-sellers would be the Rose Day Cream Light. This moisturiser is suitable for those who experience dry sensitive skin. Formulated with the Rosa Damascena flower extract, precious rose water, rose wax, marshmallow and Anthyllis which helps to protect, calm and balance the skin. This is a moisturiser that not only has many beneficial properties for your skin but also smells so good!

How to Find the Best Face Wash for Dry Skin?

Finding the best face wash for dry skin requires understanding your skin's needs. It's important to select a formula made especially for dry skin and to pay attention to the ingredients that can improve the appearance of your skin. A good facial cleanser should remove impurities from your face without drying out or overly tightening your skin.

Find the Right Solution for Your Skin

Dr Hauschka provides three fantastic options - the Cleansing Cream, Soothing Cleansing Milk and Cleansing Balm - effective solutions for sensitive skin.

Cleansing Cream

The same ingredients have been used in Dr Hauschka's Cleansing Cream since 1967, and it has succeeded as a face wash for dry skin. This cream effectively cleanses, in addition to providing hydration. It has nourishing lipids that moisturize all skin layers and guarantee a complete clean without affecting the appearance of your skin.

Cleansing Balm

The Dr Hauschka Cleansing Balm has a cream-gel texture that turns into a milky texture when emulsified with water. This emulsification effectively removes dirt and impurities accumulated throughout the day while leaving the skin feeling moisturized and smooth. This face wash for dry skin delivers a thorough clean without removing vital moisture, compared to harsh cleansers, which disregard the skin's natural oils. Your skin will feel refreshed, supple, and silky after application.

Soothing Cleansing Milk

This is a gentle cleanser that can be used as a makeup remover as well. Formulated with Anthyllis, Jojoba and Almond Oil which helps to boost the skin’s natural hydro-lipid barrier, soothing redness and brightening the skin with consistent use. Men can use the Soothing Cleansing Milk as a shaving cream, as this cleanser leaves the skin feeling smooth and reduces irritation from shaving.