Dr Hauschka’s 100% organic and natural skin care products ensure that each ingredient is carefully harvested to provide only the highest quality of natural skin care. With our organic skin care products we can ensure that the strength and harmony of Dr Hauschka products will help enhance and nourish your inner and outer beauty.

Our natural skincare mainly uses medicinal plants and locally grown ingredients in Germany. Dr Hauschka sources the treasured ingredients from their own WALA medicinal herb garden and  organic cultivations under fair trade conditions which has helped us achieve the ‘NATRUE’ seal of approval for organic skin care. Dr Hauschka also relies on the expertise of pharmaceutical manufacturers to maximise the effectiveness of the formulation of each ingredient in each skin care product. 

Many chemical skin care and beauty products include many chemicals that increase the chances of allergic reactions. Organic skin care and natural skin care like Dr Hauschka products do not contain any of these harmful chemicals and additives. Organic skin care is less likely to trigger any allergic reactions, irritations, or inflammations. Even if it occurs it would be easier to identify one of the natural ingredients in natural skin care as the root cause.